Meet Bluenero

World's First Smart Aquarium

Automatic FoodFeeder™ & Auto Cleaning

Autofeeding feature takes care of your fish's food, and autocleaning keeps your tank clean.

Pet Camera

Bluenero's built-in camera allows to keep an eye on your fish while you're away.

Full Spectrum LEDs

Bluenero's premium CREE LED stripe is ideal for any type of fish, Coral and plant.

Super Silent

Bluenero's technology dramatically reduces noise level compared to other fish tanks.

Saltwater and Freshwater Friendly

Bluenero is designed to fit equally both kinds of fishes.

Bluenero™ Smart App

Bluenero's application will give you full control over your fish tank from anywhere in the world.


"The Bluenero Smart Aquarium is pretty cool if you’re into technology and fish. It has an automatic food feeder that can distribute food to fish for a week. Naturally, there’s an accompanying app that uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to let customers set a feeding schedule as well as setting the right temperature for your fishy friends — Bluenero is designed equally for saltwater and freshwater fishes."


"This little sucker is rammed to the gills (aha!) with technology. It has a HD camera, a full spectrum of LEDs, a UV filtration system, a heater, an oxygen pump, functionality for both saltwater and freshwater fresh, and an automatic food feeder. Basically, it does almost everything possible to keep our finned friends alive – a godsend for those of us who’ve won a goldfish-in-a-bag in a candy floss haze and failed to keep it swimming."


"This device automatically feeds your fish, eliminating the need to refill it often. In fact, you don’t have to refill it for up to a week. Designed for both marine and freshwater fish, Bluenero is suitable for Bettas, Firefish and more. Moreover, the Bluenero app gives you complete control over your aquarium no matter where you are in the world. You can even use the built-in HD camera to keep an eye on your fish whenever you feel like it. "

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